What is FLED?

Freshmen Leaders in Education and Human Development (FLED) is a freshman leadership organization for those hoping to obtain a career specific to or related to the college. We are made up of 20 staff members and 60 freshmen that strive to grow not only as individuals but as leaders and as a family. Our goal is to help ease the freshman transition into college by providing academic, social, service, and leadership opportunities. We strive to create these opportunities by facilitating involvement within the College of Education and Human Development, this great university, as well as the community around us.

Who can join?

FLED is a great organization that helps develop leaders toward their future careers. We are not unique to the majors within the College of Education and Human Development, but we are unique to members that want to obtain careers that are related to education and human development. This could be careers in fields such as:

medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, education, coaching, sports management, human resources, dance science, veterinary, and many others!



Why should I join?

FLED can provide so many phenomenal things for its members. It creates a sense of family that can essentially give 59 best friends that have similar interests. We are an organization that has the big team impact with a small family feel. We provide many opportunities for service and involvement with those around us in order to impact lives. FLED can also help professionally by giving members connections to academic success including tutors, study spaces, advisors, and even career professionals. Our members say that FLED is one of the key reason their freshman year was so successful, enjoyable, and memorable.

What we do:

We are an organization that takes pride in balancing the fun social aspect of a group with the professional side that will provide growth for individuals. We have bi-weekly meetings where FLED is all together to hear from inspirational guest speakers and career professionals, participate in activities to learn about ourselves, and we even have fun meetings that can get competitive. In the off weeks we have bi-weekly committee meetings where we meet and connect with our fellow committee members on a closer level and organize events that bring us closer together as a whole. FLED loves to host socials, hangouts, service projects, retreats, fundraisers, and much more to help us grow as individual leaders and impact lives around us.


FLED on campus:

Being associated with the College of Education and Human Development, we have a home on campus at the Byrne Student Success Center inside Harrington Tower. The Byrne Student Success Center provides all members of FLED with many tools, resources, and advice to reach their academic and personal goals. We have a conference room to hang out, eat lunch, or study in between classes. Having a home on campus makes it so easy for us to grow as leaders and as a family.

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