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Welcome to


Freshmen Leaders in Education and Human Development

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About Us

The purpose of FLED is to connect and involve freshmen at Texas A&M by providing academic, social, service, and leadership opportunities.


We are made up of 23 staff members and 72 freshmen who strive to grow not only as individuals but as leaders and family.


Our members say that FLED is one of the key reasons their freshman year was so successful, enjoyable, and memorable.


We have a home on campus at the Byrne Student Success Center inside Harrington Tower. The Byrne Student Success Center provides all members of FLED with many tools, resources, and advice to reach their academic and personal goals.


We have a number of opportunities to build connections and lasting memories. Having a home on campus makes it so easy for us to grow as leaders and as a family.

*FLED is open to freshmen of any major

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